Konzentrator AutoVAP

The AutoVAP multi-position nitrogen evaporator accommodates a wide range of sample vial sizes and has capacity up to 48 samples.

AutoVAP Multi-Position Nitrogen Evaporator

Different vial sizes can be used on the same system with the simple change of a rack. The unique nitrogen pressure zones allow the user to change flow rate at different times during the evaporation process to optimize time and maximize recoveries. Colored lights that indicate the current zone can be seen across the lab. The water bath has programmable temperature from ambient to 90°C and has a convenient drain out the back of the unit.


  • 48, 32 or 16 Position Configurations
  • Row ON/OFF to save N2
  • Adjust needles for maximum vortex
  • Three N2 pressure zones
  • Water bath: ambient to 90°C
  • Wide range of vial sizes accomodated
  • Economical to purchase & operate
  • Colored lights indicate zone
  • Easy to use touchscreen programming


Removable trays allow for the AutoVAP to accommodate multiple vial sizes.
From GC Vials to 180mL vials.
Custom trays are also available.


Unique Nitrogene Pressure Zones

Increase Nitrogen pressure as volume decreases in the vial to speed evaporation.
Colored lights indicate what zone the system is performing.


User-friendly touchscreen control Program methods.
Set level pressures and level times.


Full-featured Evaporation to save time & N2
Row on/off and row needle adjustment let you customize evaporation for your lab.


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