HT3 Headspace Probengeber

Der HT3 vereint traditionelle statische mit dynamischer Headspace-Probenvorbereitung mit einem Probengeber mit 60 Positionen. Temperaturen von bis zu 300°C können im gesamten Probenweg konstant gehalten werden.

HT3 Static and Dynamic Headspace Vial Sampler

The HT3 incorporates traditional static headspace with the option to perform dynamic headspace.

In the static set up, a sample is placed in a vial and then delivered to the autosampler. Once in the autosampler, the vial is loaded into a platen for heating. Upon reaching the final heat time it is then mixed for a set period of time. Using an electronic Mass Flow Controller the static vial pressure is recorded and the sample is pressurized to a user-defined set point. Next, the sample is passed through a fixed volume loop to another user-defined final pressure set point. The loop containing the sample is then placed in line with the GC column for separation and detection.

In the Dynamic mode, upon completion of heating and mixing, the headspace is continuously swept with an inert sample gas that is routed through a sorbent trap thus removing more of the analyte and concentrating it on the trap. The trap is then heated and back-flushed to the GC column for separation and detection.

Static Headspace analysis is a time-tested and robust technique for the analysis of volatile compounds in almost any matrix. The popularity of the technique is due to Headspace analysis providing a clean, reliable result.

Teledyne Tekmar draws on our experience as a leader in low-level VOC analysis with the introduction of a next generation Headspace instrument, the HT3™ Static and Dynamic Headspace System.

Dramatic improvements in sensitivity are achieved with the new Dynamic Headspace option, while maintaining the ruggedness and reliability of a traditional Static Headspace instrument. 


Autosampler Capacity 60-positions
Platen Heater Up to 10 vials simultaneously heated up to 300° C via resistance heater settable in 1° C increments with a +/- 0.1° C uniformity
Vial Size 9, 12, 22mL vials accepted (9mL and 12mL vials require inserts)
Sample Loop Ships with a 1mL Siltek® coated loop. Other optional loop sizes include 100, 250, 300, and 500μL as well as 2, 3, and 5mL
Sample Mixing Optimix system allows variable power settings from 1 to 10
Display Electronic status panel on the front of the unit
Trap Furnace Controlled temperature range up to 300° C (Trapping Module only)
Trap Size 12 in (30.5 cm) x 1/8 in (0.32 cm) O.D.
Sample Pathway Siltek® Tubing. Entire sample pathway temperature controlled up to 300° C
Software 21 CFR Tools Available
GC Interface Interface to virtually all commercially available GC instruments. Supplies or accepts GC and Data System start/ready signals via software selectable GC I/O configuration
Valving 24 VDC motor actuated 8-port valve with removable rotor. Temperature controlled from ambient to 300° C
Data Input Input via RS 232 or Ethernet TCP/IP using a PC with the HT3 Headspace TekLinkTM software running on Microsoft Windows XP Pro or greater
VOC TekLink™ Control of Gas
Flow and Pressure
Gas flow controlled via Electronic Mass Flow Controller capable of flow rates from 5 to 500mL/min. +/- 2% of full scale
Voltage Requirements 100/115 VAC +/- 5%, 50/60 Hz 10 amps
220/240 VAC +/- 5%, 50/60 Hz, 5 amps
Gas Requirements 99.999% Helium or Nitrogen at 65-100 psi
Unit Dimensions 21 5/8 in (54.9 cm) H x 19 in (48.3 cm) W x 25 in (63.5 cm) D
Weight 86 lbs. (39 kg)
Environmental Conditions This system is capable of operating in laboratory temperatures between 10° and 30° C and a humidity range from 10 and 90%
Corrosion Resistance Front cover is resistant to aqueous samples with pH range of 1-10

Teflon® is a registered trademark of Dupont, Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft, PEEK™ is a trademark of Victrex PLC, Carbopack™ is a registered trademark of
Sigma-Aldrich®. Siltek® is a registered trademark of Restek. TekLink™ is a registered trademark of Teledyne Tekmar Company. Covered by one or more of the following patents:
7,651,866 and other patent pending.


  • Pharmaceutical
         - Residual Solvents
         - Impurities from drug substances
         - Impurities from container closure systems
  • Flavor, Fragrance, and Packaging
  • Petrochemical
  • Blood Alcohol and Forensic Toxicology
  • Polymers
  • Environmental


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Application Notes HT3
  • Meeting the Korean Method ES 04605.3 for Formaldehyde (폼알데하이드) with Static Headspace GC/MS
  • Meeting the Korean Method ES 04602.1b for Vinyl Chloride, Acrylonitrile, and Bromoform with Static and Dynamic Headspace GC/MS

  • Meeting the Korean Method ES 04601.2 for 1,4-Dioxane with Static and Dynamic Headspace GC/MS


Autosampler - The HT3 comes with a standard integrated, 60-position autosampler, providing true walk away automation. Vials are automatically queued into the platen heater ensuring reproducible dwell times. Vials may also be added during a run to increase productivity. (Optional 9 or 12mL vial inserts sold separately.)


Valve/Loop System - The HT3’s valve and loop sample method has proven to be the industry’s most reliable technique for headspace sampling. The entire sample path is Siltek™ and can be heated up to 300oC thus minimizing analyte carryover. Different loop sizes ranging from 100μL to 5mL may be used depending on application.


Removable Sample Path - Easy access to sample path allows for trouble-free removal, maintenance and safety.


Platen Heater - The platen heater offers a 10-position, highly regulated heating chamber. Temperatures are controlled up to 300oC in increments of 1oC. A strict control of the platen heater chamber allows for superior reproducibility in sample preparation achieving greater sample accuracy.


Electronic Mass Flow Controller (MFC) - The patented MFC has the ability to control pressure and flow to assure consistent volume control regardless of external conditions for all samples.


Two-Stage Needle - This unique design allows for the continuous sweeping so critical to dynamic headspace analysis.


Trap - Sorbent traps allow for dynamic compound concentration and are available in a variety of sorbent packing materials. Some typical sorbents are listed below:
• Tenax - General purpose trapping agent
• Silica Gel - Choice for polar compounds
• Carbopacks™ - Variety of types for extended range compound trapping capabilities
• Carbo Sieve III - Extremely strong sorbent for extremely volatile compounds


Dynamic Option – This dynamic headspace sampling option concentrates the headspace sample and thereby increases your sensitivity requirements compared to that of the conventional static mode. Dynamic headspace allows for flexibility by allowing the user to set up a schedule utilizing both static and dynamic modes interchangeably. 


Variable Fill Pressure Control – (patent pending) Utilization of a Mass Flow Controller, which reads and controls both pressure and flow in order to meet user-defined requirements for pressurization loop filling and static pressure assuring sample volumes are consistent from one sample injection to another.




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